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And wins!

Warchief Reset

Escorducarla a posted Oct 31, 13
Garrosh Hellscream is not a nice dude.

He started whiny back in Nagrand, got angrier and more power-mad, and by the end, he was a sha-dipped, bastard-coated bastard with a creamy sha-bastard center. It was time for him to go. So we went ahead and took care of that. Took a couple of weeks, but he's out on his flat orc ass.

I unseated Garrosh Hellscream and all I got was this SWEET ASS MOUNT AND TITLE!

I have to admit, I did not hate that fight. I don't hate Siege of Orgrimmar in general, though it certainly does have its moments. (Thok can go directly to hell.) Garrosh is a much more satisfying expansion-ending boss than Deathwing was, by a mile and a half. In my opinion, anyway. Taking him out felt good. We earned every inch of that kill. Excellent job, everyone!

Next: Heroics!

Except, instead of neutering the dogs, we just put them down. In self-defense. Sorta. 

I'm kind of liking the deceptively small number of skeletons. We died a lot, yo.

This kill is sort of a big deal for us, as we hit our goal for the tier with a good bit of time left for more. Considering the fact that we've been trialing or pugging for several months, I think we're doing incredibly well. I think we're kicking a lot of other guilds' asses. Yeah, I said it.

Next: something else will die horribly. Maybe those turtles we've been promising. And we'll find a hunter or an enhancement shaman to shower with agility mail and love. (But mostly agility mail. ^_^)

Stay tuned!

The funny thing about heroics is that sometimes they take the same basic fight, add one little thing, and turn it all into a complete clusterbumble. On its face, Horridon is exactly the same as normal, but with more health, more damage output, and one additional mechanic. But holy moly, that one additional mechanic. "I know you already have a bunch of things to watch out for, but now you have to watch out for this little fella, who is adorable, but unkillable, but he sure as hell will kill you if you actually get together! You kids have fun!" The kill (on our last pull of the evening, naturally), featured me at the end, spinning the boss in a circle, apologizing in vent ("SorryguysIgottakeepmoving!") while both a highly pissed-off Horridon and a twee dire spirit came to get my bear ass.

At least it wasn't boring.

Jerry the Snail was so happy he drew a heart for us! And then ate several pets. RIP Mr. Bigglesworth, 2013-2013. *sob*

Just ahead: Military leaders and turtle soup. Exciting!

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